About the academy

Established in 2003


  1. The Academy of Computer Science was established on January 10, 2003, with the approval of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Chancellor of the University of Missouri-Rolla.
  2. Academy founding members are as follows:  Jean K. Holley, Mark X. Stratman, William A. Eaton, Daniel C. Hirschbuehler, and Daniel G. McNicholl.  The founding and charter members are eminent computer scientists, graduates of the computer science curricula of the University of Missouri-Rolla.
  3. The Computer Science faculty now delegates to the founding and charter membership the privileges and responsibilities of perpetuating the Academy.
  4. The Academy of Computer Science in appreciation of the honor bestowed individually and collectively will be perpetuated:
    1. As an endeavor to strengthen the dedication of students to Computer Science through personal and professional example.
    2. For the annual recognition of those graduates of the Computer Science curricula who bring honor to Computer Science as practitioners and as citizens.
    3. For the purpose of providing advisory guidance and counsel at the call of the department chair, faculty, and students.
    4. And for encouraging personal, corporate, foundation and government gifts and grants of money, equipment and facilities to the Curators of the University of Missouri for the benefit of the Computer Science Department at the University of Missouri-Rolla.
  5. In the accomplishment of the above the Academy of Computer Science does establish and abide by the by-laws